Project description

European Union in its spatial policy pays special attention to the development, unification and cooperation of cross-border regions. Sharing a common boundary Poland and the Czech Republic have their own and very often divergent opinions on issues of regional and spatial planning and the concepts of the neighboring states on these fields do not always take into consideration the concepts implemented across the border. The project aims to develop guidelines for the Polish-Czech development strategy for the Pradziad Euroregion.

The project scope covers the area of the Polish-Czech borderland, which is affiliated to the Pradziad Euroregion located at the border of Prudnik County, Bruntál District, and of the municipality of Zlate Hory, Mikulevice and Głuchołazy.

The project will be carried out by experts and students of Opole University of Technology (Piotr Obracaj, Marcin Spyra, Piotr Opałka), Technical University of Ostrava (Josef Kiszka, Jana Stehlikova) and Palacký University of Olomouc (Pavel Ptáček) in agreement with representative of the local community of the Pradziad Euroregion.