Lecture of Dr. Luis Inostroza

We would like to invite you to a lecture prepared by Dr Luis Inostroza from Department of Geosciences Technische Universitat Dresden. Title of the lecture is: Ecology, Urban Development and Environment Protection. Some notes for cross – border land use strategy / plan

The lecture will be held on 21 March 2013 during our design workshop in Prudnik District Office and will start at 9:00.

Project aim

The project aims to define guidelines for the cross – border land – use strategy of Euroregion Pradziad. Defining the land – use strategy guidelines means to determine and analyze the most important issues, which should be included in cross – border land – use strategy for Euroregion Pradziad. It is not the project aim to prepare complete land – use strategy for the Euroregion, but to initiate public debate about it among Czech and Polish citizens. Land – use strategy of the Euroregion is currently at the stage of preparation.

The project scope covers the area of the Polish-Czech borderland, which is affiliated to the Pradziad Euroregion located at the border of Prudnik County, Bruntál District, and of the municipality of Zlate Hory, Mikulevice and Głuchołazy.

The project is implemented in six groups. Each group consist of the leader (expert in the land –use planning field) and Czech and Polish students. Each group works with different aspect of the Euroregion land – use strategy.

During the first expert project meeting project experts had assumed that the guidelines will involve five main aspects. Four of those aspects will concern to Euroregion’s landscape: transport infrastructure, tourism, ecology and environment protection and economy. Last aspect concern to the city of Prudnik, which is the Polish capital of Pradziad Euroregion.

After the project working groups were formed, we started mapping basic information about the project area. Mapped information are grouped into two categories: first concerning to Eurorgion’s landscape and second concerning to socio – demographic data. Mapped information will be used as a basis for design stage of this project, which starts the 18th of March, the first day of student workshop, held in the Prudnik county building.